Class Descriptions

*Every class is unique. The activities and pace are set by the children attending the class.


A mixture of Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Silly Songs, Musical Theater & Play with Props

Arts & Crafts

Many mediums will be used in this fun Arts & Crafts class. Paint, Clay, Paper, Wood, Feathers, Foam, Cloth, etc…

Story Time & Snack

Some times this will be a simple “sit & listen” to an engaging book and other times it will be “Storybook Ballet” where students make up a story and “act” it out using dance steps. During snack time students will be given a small, healthy snack and drink (i.e. grapes, apple slices, gold fish, orange slices). Please alert the director if your child has any food allergies. If you have a “picky eater” please feel free to send your own snack into class but please remember that Peanut products are strictly prohibited.

Play with Props & Games

Children get to use their imaginations while using a Parachute, scarves, hula hoops, Balance balls, bean bags, ribbon wands and other props. Jump ropes, board games and other age appropriate toys will also be available.